Your Customers Want a
Safety Net — We Can Help

Differentiate yourself from competitors
Providing insurance is a tool that sets you apart from the competition by making your end-users feel more supported.
Increase your revenue
Bundling our products with your offerings helps to boost sales and you receive a commission from purchases made
through your channels.
Ease of doing business
We take on the heavy lifting of educating your end-users about insurance, handling sales, claims processing and digital communication.

"Through our collaboration with Turaco and leveraging our digital platforms, we have managed to educate our customers about the importance of insurance, its accessibility, benefits, and claims procedures. Turaco enables us to provide an extra layer of financial security to both our customers and DSRs with accessible and affordable health insurance. Our team at M-KOPA can confidently say that Turaco is our embedded insurance partner of choice."


Dennis Ngamini
Head of Customer Retention

"Collaborating closely with Turaco, we developed Hospital Sente specifically tailored to meet the needs of our customer base, many of whom previously found insurance processes overly complex and time-consuming. Throughout our partnership, Turaco has prioritized customer-centricity, upheld firm data security and privacy standards, ensured rapid turnaround times, and possessed the capacity to cater to our vast customer base of over 2 million people. Our Hospital Sente product has been labelled as disruptive, shifting our customers' perceptions of insurance and creating a more positive attitude towards it."

Faisal Namanya
Project Lead
Airtel Money, Uganda