The Turaco is a bright, beautiful bird in Central and Southern Africa whose primary job is to act as a 'go-away' bird, warning other animals of the presence of predators.

As Turaco, we want to be a company that is a joy to be a part of, where our team and customers feel they have healthier, happier lives - and that we help them get ahead of the risks they face.

The Turaco team enables individual creativity while providing nurturing bonds to protect growth. When one of us recognizes a real risk, we work together to help everyone avoid it. And when one of us identifies a new opportunity, we go together.


To free people from the fear of financial shocks

This is the work we wake up to do every single day.


To insure a billion people within the next 25 years, doubling the number of insured people globally

This is our big audacious goal for the future.


They guide how we work and serve.

Care & Protect

Customer-centricity is core to what we do. We hold our customers’ interests at heart and provide an inclusive insurance solution that is a safety net designed to directly address the risks they face.

Have Fun

We have engaged passionate, experienced professionals who enjoy working to keep our stakeholders happy and well looked after.

Do the Right Thing

Integrity is important to us. We strive to uphold ethical standards, to deliver on our promise and ensure customers know exactly what they are covered for.

Low Ego

We are humble. We recognize we all have room to grow and areas to improve. We listen to, learn from, and work with our customers and each other with respect and empathy.

Our Leadership Team