Terms & Conditions

The following are terms and conditions of Bima Ya Afya, Bila Malipo.These terms and conditions, as updated from time to time, are applicable to those who have purchased an eligible product (the M-KOPA Phone) in Kenya from M-KOPA (the M-KOPA Customer) unless clearly stated otherwise. These terms as well as the terms of the M-KOPA Application & Credit Agreement (the Agreement) will be applicable. Acceptance of the Agreement shall constitute acceptance of these terms. 


Any M-KOPA Customer aged above 18 years who has purchased an M-KOPA Phone within the specified promotional period may be eligible. Eligibility is subject to the promotional terms and conditions based on the purchase dates and eligible phone models.
If you have questions about your eligibility, please call 0800 221 245.

This policy starts from the date of purchase of your M-KOPA Phone and receipt of your details by Turaco (the Start Date).

Cover is provided by Turaco Insurance Agency Limited (Turaco) and underwritten by APA Insurance (Kenya) Limited (“APA”) on a monthly basis, starting from the Start Date and renewed from month to month unless earlier terminated by M-KOPA. To maintain uninterrupted monthly coverage, it is important to make timely Credit Repayments. M-KOPA Customers who fail to make timely payments may not be eligible for continued coverage.

Hospital Cash benefit is payable upon in-patient hospitalisation for one (1) or more consecutive nights at any Ministry of Health (MOH)-accredited hospital. The list of MOH accredited hospitals can be viewed here. Hospital cash benefits are subject to a maximum of 30 nights of hospitalisation in a policy year.
The Bima Ya Afya, Bila Malipo benefits are: Maximum Annual Hospital Cash Benefit: KSH 1,000 With a nightly Hospital Cash Benefit(1+ Nights): KSH 30,000.

To make a claim, WhatsApp Turaco on +254 768387245 or call for free through 0800 221 245 and an agent will assist you with the necessary documentation. All claims will be paid within 3 business days of receiving full documentation and internal verification. Claims must be reported within 1 week of hospitalisation. Please note that Turaco and APA are solely responsible for assessing and processing claims. M-KOPA does not have any direct involvement in processing of claims or decisions nor is M-KOPA financially liable for payment of claims.

Personal Data:
All customer information collected will be held securely by Turaco in accordance with Turaco’s data privacy policy and applicable law. Turaco may, subject to applicable law, share customer data with third parties for the purposes of policy administration and communications.

We may contact you by email, telephone, SMS, WhatsApp or other channels about our services, promotions or offers that may be of interest to you. If you prefer not to receive any direct sales and marketing communications from us, you can opt out at any time by calling 0800 221 245.

Turaco shall not be liable to pay benefits for claims occurring due to the following:
i. Admission to a hospital that is not Ministry of Health accredited in Kenya.
ii. Death attributed to self-inflicted injury, war, participation in riots or demonstrations, abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs.
iii. Hospital cash: